Install Ubuntu along with Windows 10 without Booting the Device

Here is Windows 10, Microsoft provided us the functional feature to use any OS along with Windows 10 without making them the dual boot. And the pretty thing is about we can use it like similar to Ubuntu Console. It’s very useful for learning the purpose, especially for those students who want to practice Linux commands and install packages and trying to hands-on Linux.

Here we are proving you all the steps to install Ubuntu along with your existing Windows 10 OS.

Below is the proper steps to follow.

1: Click window key and type store.

2: Click on the Microsoft Store.

3: Go to the app and type ubuntu in the search bar and hit enter.

4: Click Get, it will start downloading.

5: Click to launch.

6: It will give you the error message in the console.

7: Click window key and control panel.

8: Click on Programs.

9: Inside Programs and Features click on “Turn Windows features on or off”.

10: Select the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

11: Restart the system.

12: Click window key and type ubuntu and hit enter.

13: Provide a new username and password.

14: If you want to switch to root, type sudo su and provide the same password as you provided initially.

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