Make Sudo User

The sudo command allows running programs with the default security privileges of another user as the superuser.

Here we are providing you the steps to make any user as sudo user with root privileges so that no need to provide password at all times while you doing some important task.
It also keep you safe by not providing the actual credential of Root to any other user.
From this, you can provide any user the privilege of root for any period of time then after you can remove the user from sudo as root.

Below is the Steps :

1: Click window key and type ubuntu and hit enter.
2: type sudo su (switch to root/superuser) and provide the same password as you provided initially (if you installed the Ubuntu and set the password otherwise provide the root password).
3: Now type vi /etc/sudoers in terminal.
3: Now add any user but below %sudo.
Example : learningsnow is a random user then provide below syntax.
learningsnow ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL
4: Now open a new terminal and type sudo su. It will not ask for any password.

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